Fortitude Personal Training

At The Fort, we coach over 125 personal training sessions per week.  Our program is award-winning and spot-on. Here’s why: Our Coaches are skilled and partner with you for relationship-based training that keeps you engaged and committed to meeting your goals. Combine that with fair pricing and our gorgeous, well-appointed facility, and voila – a winning combination. around, introduce you to your instructor and you’re off and running!

How Can Personal Training at The Fort Help You?

Are you working around an injury, limitation, or weight issue? Trying to lose that stubborn weight? Or perhaps you know you’ll make it to the gym when you have an appointment? Do you have specific goals, and needs, or simply want to jump-start getting back into shape?  YES!!!!

The Fort and Fortitude Health & Training is the right place for you. Our experienced, fun, creative, and motivating staff of certified personal trainers will build a tailored personal training program for you, from scratch. We will team you with your own personal trainer who will be your partner every step of the way – on your schedule.

What could be better than getting in the best shape of your life in Fortitude’s beautiful, spotless, and inviting 10,000-square-foot facility complete with state-of-the-art equipment? You’ll feel you’ve found your home the minute you walk through the door!
Build confidence, strength, endurance, and a healthy body with personal training at Fortitude!

Teach: Our trainers will create a fun and achievable program just for you. Don’t worry, we will teach you how to use the equipment and proper technique for each exercise.

Encourage: Our professionals are here to provide the tools for your success, including the encouragement you need to keep you motivated.

Accountability: Accountability is the key to reaching fitness goals. We’ll help you set your goals, and keep you focused with creative programs and milestone tracking.

Maintain: Once you achieve your goals, our personal trainers will work with you to maintain your results and set new goals.


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*Personal training packages and sessions expire 4 months after purchase